Table 1—

Estimates of the regression equation parameters for dependent variables for the entire population

InterceptSex#HeightAge yrsr2
TL,CO mL·min−1·mmHg−1-12.9545.04429.291-0.161-0.2620.728
TL,NO mL·min−1·mmHg−1-54.68727.346136.493-0.881-0.9000.716
Vc mL-39.25613.73186.995-0.4350.8860.656
Dm,CO mL·min−1·mmHg−1-27.76013.88169.286-0.447-0.4570.716
  • TL,CO: transfer factor of the lung for carbon monoxide; TL,NO: transfer factor of the lung for nitric oxide; Vc: capillary lung volume; Dm,CO: diffusing capacity of the membrane for carbon monoxide. #: 0 female, 1 male; : in m. 1 mmHg = 0.133 kPa.