Table 1—

Anthropometric data, nasal resistance values and polysomnographic parameters at baseline and after surgery in the surgery and placebo groups

Surgery groupPlacebo group
BaselineAfter surgeryBaselineAfter sham surgery
Subjects n2722
Male sex %63.059.1
Age yrs39.0±7.537.6±8.8
Body mass index kg·m−230.4±3.231.0±3.629.9±3.530.3±3.5
Apnoea/hypopnoea index events·h−131.5±16.731.5±18.230.6±13.832.1±14.3
Nasal resistance cmH2O·L−1·S
Average oxygen saturation %94.3±1.194.5±1.495.0±1.195.0±1.0
Duration of apnoea/hypopnoea s23.2±3.723.7±3.022.0±2.422.1±2.5
Epworth Sleepiness Scale score13.4±2.911.7±3.4**13.7±4.412.5±3.7
Sleep time in supine posture min151.5±102153.0±92.7148.2±99.1153.2±96.7
Nasal breathing epochs % TSE71.4±13.284.0±6.0**74.1±11.874.3±10.6
Oral breathing epochs % TSE3.5±3.81.3±1.3*3.6±2.73.3±2.3
Oronasal breathing epochs % TSE25.1±10.014.8±5.4**22.3±9.222.4±8.4
  • Data are presented as mean±sd, unless otherwise stated. TSE: total sleep epochs. *: p<0.05 versus baseline; **: p<0.01 versus baseline.