Table 4—

Haemodynamics at the time of diagnosis for patients in each subtype of pulmonary arterial hypertension(PAH)

IPAH/FPAHCTDCongenital heart diseaseAnorexigenHIVPortal hypertensionp-value
mRAP mmHg11±711±610±713±514±512±70.17
mPAP mmHg56±1348±1154±2252±1250±546±14<0.0001
PCWP mmHg10±410±413±89±310±212±5<0.0001
Cardiac index L·min−1·m−22±0.72.3±0.82.8±0.71.9±0.72.3±0.83.2±1.5<0.0001
PA,O2 saturation57±1157±1166±1454±1354±962±13<0.0001
PVR Woods unit14±6.811.1±5.913.2±11.413.5±7.110.3±3.37.4±5.3<0.0001
Acute vasodilator responders5.42.312.50000.12
  • Data are presented as mean±sd or %, unless otherwise stated. IPAH: idiopathic PAH; FPAH: familial PAH; CTD: connective tissue disease; mRAP: mean right atrial pressure; mPAP: mean pulmonary artery pressure; PCWP: pulmonary capillary wedge pressure; PA,O2: alveolar oxygen partial pressure; PVR: pulmonary vascular resistance.