Table 4—

Overview of studies addressing interobserver agreement on thoracic computed tomography(CT) in various forms of pulmonary fibrosis

First author [Ref.]YearInterobserver agreement κ coefficientStudy populationSubjects nObservers nComments
Grenier 1019910.64–0.78Sarcoidosis533Definition of IPF unclear
Pulmonary fibrosis33
Histiocytosis X17
Other ILD37
Wells 1919930.58–0.76Systemic sclerosis352Interobserver agreement for grading CT appearance and change in nature and extent of disease
Collins 819940.48Systemic sclerosis634Interobserver agreement for CT pattern type
Kazerooni 2019970.51–0.83UIP; DIP24; 14Interobserver agreement for pattern type in different lobes
MacDonald 920010.40NSIP214Interobserver agreement for NSIP and UIP
Hunninghake 720010.54IPF544Interobserver agreement for IPF versus non-IPF; criteria for IPF diagnosis not mentioned
Flaherty 320030.43NSIP232Interobserver agreement for NSIP and UIP
Aziz 2120040.50DPLD13111Interobserver agreement for first-choice diagnosis of IPF
Present study0.40UIP1563Interobserver agreement for IPF versus non-IPF; IPF patients included following ATS/ERS criteria
  • ILD: interstitial lung disease; IPF: idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis; UIP: usual interstitial pneumonia; DIP: desquamative interstitial pneumonia; NSIP: nonspecific interstitial pneumonia; DPLD: diffuse parenchymal lung disease; ATS: American Thoracic Society; ERS: European Respiratory Society.