Table 1—

Demographics and pulmonary function

CV substudyNETT
 Patients n1631218
 Age yrs65.6±6.666.4±6.1
 Male %60.161.2
 Race %
Pulmonary function
 FEV1 % pred27.2±7.226.9±7.1
 FVC % pred65.5±15.666.8±15.2
 TLC % pred125.2±14.5129.0±14.5
 RV % pred223.2±47.9225.4±48.0
 DL,CO % pred27.0±9.328.3±9.7
Arterial blood gas
Pa,CO2 mmHg42.8±6.342.8±5.3
Pa,O2 mmHg65.2±10.364.6±10.2
  • Data are presented as mean for continuous variables±sd, unless otherwise indicated. CV: cardiovascular; NETT: National Emphysema Treatment Trial; C: Caucasian; AA: African-American; O: other; FEV1: forced expiratory volume in one second; FVC: forced vital capacity; % pred: % predicted; TLC: total lung capacity; RV: residual volume; DL,CO: diffusing capacity of the lung for carbon monoxide; Pa,CO2: carbon dioxide arterial tension; Pa,O2: arterial oxygen tension. 1 mmHg = 0.133 kPa.