Table 2—

Baseline age, forced expiratory volume in one second(FEV1) and respiratory medications according to treatment group and completion/discontinuation status

Completed trial and study drugDiscontinued trial#Discontinued study drug
Subjects n7626707811171134
Age yrs68±968±967±967±969±870±9
FEV1 L1.05±0.401.07±0.390.96±0.421.02±0.400.99±0.400.89±0.39
FEV1 % pred36±1237±1233±1335±1235±1531±13
Respiratory medication %+
 Long-acting β-agonist393828343945
 Inhaled steroid615765627468
 Oral steroid109981423
  • Data are presented as mean±sd, unless otherwise stated. % pred: % predicted. #: incomplete follow-up after study drug discontinuation; : followed for duration of trial after drug discontinuation; +: proportion of population.