Table 2—

Comparison of spirometry training in New Zealand(A) 38 with spirometry training for Dutch general practitioners (B) and practice assistants (C) 30

Duration of initial training120 min150 min150 min
Duration of reminder workshop90 min150 min150 min
Written assessmentYesNANA
Practical assessmentYesNANA
Individual feedbackYesNANA
Content of first training
 Asthma and COPD (pathophysiology)XX
 Indications for spirometry in primary careX
 Definition of the variablesXX
 Physiology of flow–volume curveXXX
 Normal predicted valuesXX
 Quality issuesXXX
 Post-bronchodilator testing (theory)X
 Demonstration of devicesXXX
 Practical experienceXXX
Content of second training
 Summary of the first sessionXX
 Quality assurance (revision)X
 Individual feedbackX
 Interpretation of flow–volume curvesXX
 Practical experience with individual feedbackXX
 Review of clinical casesX
 Implementation and organisation of spirometryX
 Reversibility testingX
 Sharing experiences and problemsX
  • NA: information not available; COPD: chronic obstructive pulmonary disease; ATPS: ambient temperature and pressure saturated with water vapour; BTPS: body temperature, ambient pressure, saturated with water vapour.