Table 6—

Drug cost comparison between 6 months of isoniazid treatment(6H) and 3 months of rifampicin/isoniazid (3RH)

Drug regimenDose mg1-month pack price#Cost for regimen durationPatients treated nDrug cost per patientClinic number+
6H3×100GBP17.31, 3×28 tablet packGBP103.86260GBP103.865
3RH3×150/100GBP16.55, 1×84 tablet packGBP49.6524GBP64.263
3RH2×300/150GBP21.87, 1×56 tablet packGBP65.61260
  • #: calculated from prices reported in 16; : excluded patients comprised those not receiving fixed dose regimens (n = 34) and those whose dose/formulation was changed during treatment (n = 21); +: number of clinic visits scheduled for patients after commencing treatment.