Table 2—

Demographic and treatment characteristics of referral groups

New arrivalsContactsSchool reactors
Subjects n28924750586
Age*** mean yrs25.420.912.922.5
Sex male** %69.256.348.061.9
UK born*** %039.852.021.2
Ethnicity*** n
 White UK0261036
 White EU2611037
 White non-EU82448134
 Asian ISC4332883
 South-east Asian/Chinese2613342
 Black Somali928037
 Middle Eastern/Arab122115
English spoken language*** %31.668.798.052.5+
GP registered*** %68.181.490.075.6
BCG vaccinated %78.775.968.076.6§
Clinic nonattendance pre-treatment %32.524.324.028.3
Regimen choice offered %50.246.650.048.6
Regimen prescribed n
Treatment restart %
Regimen change %
Completion outcome %
 Potential success12.57.314.010.4
  • EU: European Union; ISC: Indian subcontinent; GP: general practitioner; BCG: bacille Calmette–Guerin. #: statistical significance tests were performed using Pearson Chi-squared tests, except for age comparison, which was performed using Kruskal–Wallis H-test; : n = 585; +: n = 568; §: n = 578. **: p<0.01; ***: p<0.001.