Table 1—

Description of inclusion and exclusion of patients in analysis

Patients n
Potentially eligible for chemoprophylaxis675
Excluded from analysis84
 Regimens other than 3RH or 6H were prescribed11
 Changed regimens during treatment26
 Refused prophylaxis11
 Transferred to another clinic12
 Presented with TB other than LTBI10
 Prophylaxis not intended4
 Absconded before being offered prophylaxis4
 Discharged with radiography follow-up3
 Not prescribed prophylaxis due to age >35 yrs2
 Prophylaxis contraindicated#1
Data entered for analysis of comparison between regimens591
 Referred as new arrivals289
 Referred as contacts247
 Referred as school reactors50
 Other referral5
  • 3RH: 3 months of rifampicin/isoniazid treatment; 6H: 6 months of isoniazid treatment; TB: tuberculosis; LTBI: latent TB infection. #: high liver transaminase levels; : e.g. self-referral.