Table 4—

Independent correlates of mild-to-moderate isolated pulmonary hypertension

VariableAdjusted odds ratio95% CIp-value
FEV1 per 1% increase from mean value for cohort0.990.990–0.9970.006
Ppcw per 1 mmHg increase above mean value for cohort1.221.18–1.26<0.001
Need for assistance with ADLs1.241.00–1.540.047
O2 need >3 L·min−12.842.30–3.50<0.001
  • CI: confidence interval; FEV1: forced expiratory volume in one second; Ppcw: pulmonary capillary wedge pressure; ADLs: activities of daily living. The Hosmer–Lemeshow Goodness-of-Fit test yields a Chi-squared value of 18.1 (p = 0.02). n = 1,883. 1 kPa = 0.133 mmHg.