Table 2—

Change from baseline in forced expiratory volume on one second(% pred) over 7 months and by treatment group in all patients#

Baseline1 month3 months6 months7 months
Mean differenceƒ0.6−0.4−1.2−0.70.0
95% CI−5.0–6.1−1.7–2.4−0.9–3.3−1.7–3.2−3.0–3.0
  • Data are presented as mean±sd, unless otherwise stated. CI: confidence interval. #: n = 208; : change compared with baseline; +: n = 103; §: n = 105; ƒ: mean difference between groups (daily versus weekly); ##: p-values relate to mean difference between groups (daily versus weekly); *: significant difference (p<0.05) from baseline.