Table 1—

Trimodal pattern of CALC-I gene expression occurring in neuroendocrine cells, parenchymal cells and monocytes

ThyroidParenchymal tissueMonocytes
Protracted, sustained by cytokines and LPSRapid, transient upon adhesion
Detectable after >6 hDetectable after >2 h
Detectable after >10 hDetectable after >4 h
Persistent (>24 h)Transient (<18 h)
Tissue massLowHighLow
Main functionMature CT, e.g.↓ P-Ca2+Sepsis-associated PCT increaseLocal vasodilation (CGRP, PCT?)
  • LPS: lipopolysaccharide; CT: calcitonin; ↓P-Ca2+: lowering of circulating plasma ionised calcium levels; PCT: procalcitonin; CGRP: CT gene-related peptide. Adapted from 3.