Table 2—

Cumulative incidence of selected health outcomes in the full cohort at 4 yrs of age.

VariableSubjectsCumulative incidence %
Wheeze ever#960 (3530)27.2
Doctor-diagnosed asthma ever#258 (3534)7.3
Possible asthma52 (3549)1.5
Probable asthma516 (3549)14.5
Possible or probable asthma568 (3549)16.0
Early wheeze843 (3872)21.8
Late wheeze72 (3872)1.9
Persistent wheeze333 (3872)8.6
Early frequent wheeze353 (3872)9.1
Late frequent wheeze47 (3872)1.2
Persistent frequent wheeze58 (3872)3.0
Doctor-diagnosed bronchitis ever#628 (3481)18.0
Doctor-diagnosed eczema ever#974 (3470)28.1
Itchy rash/eczema1438 (3873)37.1
Allergic#106 (3542)3.0
  • Data for subjects are presented as number presenting with symptom or condition (total number of subjects evaluated). The outcome is based upon all questionnaires (see online supplementary material). #: Outcomes refer to cumulative incidence or diagnoses within the first 4 yrs of life based on the questionnaire at 4 yrs.