Table 11—

Functional status/activity of daily living in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease with bilevel noninvasive positive pressure ventilation (NIPPV) use

First author [Ref.]Trial lengthScaleRx/CLOutcome dataComments
Garrod 248 weeksLCADLCompared bilevel NIPPV and exercise with exercise alone. No significant change in self-care or domestic score for the NIPPV group; no significant change in the leisure or self-care score for the exercise only group
 Total scoreRx45.4 to 38.7***
CL40.2 to 33.8***
 Physical subscoreRx6.0 to 4.65***
CL5.75 to 5.05*
 Leisure subscoreRx7.47 to 5.82***
CL6.25 to 5.70
Renston 225 daysModified MRCDRx3.1±0.4 to 2.6±0.5Three different measurement scales used to assess functional impairment with activities of daily living, associated with dyspnoea
CL2.9±0.4 to 3.3±0.4
 Oxygen cost diagramRx16.6±3.7 to 17.0±4.0
CL15.5±2.4 to 13.4±2.0
 BiPAP functional impairment scaleRx24.1±2.0 to 22.3±2.1
CL4.4±1.5 to 23.5±1.9
  • Data are presented as mean±sd. Rx: treatment; CL: control; LCADL: London Chest Activity of Daily Living Scale; MRCD: Medical Research Council dyspnoea scale (rates functional impairment associated with dyspnoea: 0–4 corresponds to least to most); BiPAP functional impairment scale: questionnaire that rates dyspnoea (1–3 corresponds to none to severe) for each of 12 activities of daily living. *: p<0.05; ***: p<0.001.