Table 1—

Definition of the different stages, from initiation to mechanical ventilation to weaning

Treatment of ARFPeriod of care and resolution of the disorder that caused respiratory failure and prompted mechanical ventilation
SuspicionThe point at which the clinician suspects the patient may be ready to begin the weaning process
Assessing readiness to weanDaily testing of physiological measures of readiness for weaning (MIP, fR/VT) to determine probability of weaning success
Spontaneous breathing trialAssessment of the patient's ability to breathe spontaneously
ExtubationRemoval of the endotracheal tube
ReintubationReplacement of the endotracheal tube for patients who are unable to sustain spontaneous ventilation
  • ARF: acute respiratory failure, MIP: maximal inspiratory pressure, fR/VT: respiratory frequency to tidal volume ratio (rapid shallow breathing index).