Table 1—

Descriptive characteristics of the swimming pool

TotalMinimum–maximum value
Swimming pool n38
Age swimming pool yrs28.6±16.81.00–87
Number of visitors·yr−1202531±14301145000–840000
Employees n29.0±15.17–67
Part-time employees %70.2±21.115–95
Pools per swimming facility n3.3±1.41.00–6.00
Total water surface m2736.4±703.0186–3575
Surface largest basin m2432.1±341.1160–1800
Disinfection by chlorine29 (76)
Disinfection by electrolysis11 (29)
Disinfection by ozone1 (3)
Estimated chloramine concentration# mg·m−30.66±0.150.38–1.10
  • Data are presented as n, mean±sd or n (%), unless otherwise indicated. #: calculated according to the regression model developed in the present study.