Table 1—

Bronchoalveolar lavage fluid(BALF) protein concentration, cell differential and pulmonary compliance after inhalational bleomycin challenge

Day 4Day 28Day 4Day 28
Protein μg·mL−1959.2±125.2492.0±99.1200.7±53.8214.5±97.5
AM %63.0±2.090.1±1.097.0±2.395.2±5.3
PMN %37.0±0.89.9±2.93.0±5.04.8±2.1
Compliance mM·kPa−1·kg−12.1±0.44.7±0.4
  • Data are shown as mean±sd from 10 mice for each group. BALF protein concentration, BALF cell differential and pulmonary compliance for sham-treated mice (control) and for bleomycin-challenged mice at days 4 and 28 after inhalational administration of 15 mg·kg−1 bleomycin are given. AM: alveolar macrophages; PMN: polymorphonuclear neutrophils.