Table 3—

Cumulative incidence of respiratory symptoms and sensitisation and asthma score by occupational class and education level between European Community Respiratory Health Survey I(1991–1992) and II (1999–2001)#

VariableOccupational classEducation
Asthma symptom
 Breathless while wheezing in previous 12 months1.<0.0011.
 Waking with chest tightness in previous 12 months2.
 Attack of shortness of breath at rest in previous 12 months0.
 Attack of shortness of breath after exercise in previous 12 months3.<0.001
 Waking due to attack of shortness of breath in previous 12 months0.
 Asthma ever1.
 Asthma score mean0.240.360.360.350.38<0.001§<0.001§
Other symptoms
 Dermatophagoides pteronyssinus4.
 Cladosporium herbarium0.
  • Data are presented as % of new cases, unless otherwise stated. #: Only subjects with serum immunoglobulin E measurements were included (except bronchitis category); : I for managers and professionals, II for technicians and associate professionals, III for other nonmanual workes, IV for skilled manual workers, V for semi-skilled/unskilled manual workers and VI for unclassifiable/unknown; +: from Chi-squared test for association with categorical variables; §: p-value from likelihood ratio test for asthma score.