Table 5—

Summary of evaluations for control of drooling

First author [Ref.]ProcedurePatients nComplication rate %Parent-reported improvement %Follow-up
Jongerius 116Submandibular botulinum398#6124 weeks
Savarese 117Parotid botulinum210892 months
Hassin-Baer 118Parotid botulinum90334 months+
Gerber 119Bilateral mandibular gland excision and parotid duct ligation1619731 yr
Stern 120Bilateral mandibular gland excision and parotid duct ligation933864.2 yrs
Klem 121Four-duct ligation5010013 months
Shirley 122Four-duct ligation212981
  • #: transient swallowing difficulty; : includes parotitis, sialocele and ranula; +: eight patients required booster injection at 1 month owing to lack of response to initial treatment.