Table 3—

Logistic regression estimates of the association between nontuberculous mycobacteria(NTM) lung disease and Aspergillus-related lung disease

Independent variableSimple regressionMultiple regression#
OR (95% CI)p-valueOR (95% CI)p-value
NTM lung disease yes/no7.01 (2.3–21.1)0.00055.1 (1.5–17.0)0.008
FEV1 L0.25 (0.10–0.64)0.0030.34 (0.13–0.89)0.028
  • OR: odds ratio; CI: confidence interval; FEV1: forced expiratory volume in one second. #: multiple logistic regression model with Aspergillus-related lung disease (serology and radiology combined) as the binary dependent variable and NTM lung disease, age and FEV1 as independent variables. Age did not contribute significantly to the model. See the Methods section for details.