Table 4—

Exhaled nitric oxide in nonsmoking subjects not exposed and exposed to tobacco smoke

Not exposedExposedp-value
Subjects n16715
FeNO,0.05 ppb20.7 (18.9–22.7)20.3 (14.2–29.1)0.92
Caw,NO ppb119 (110–129)126 (94.2–168)0.70
Daw,NO mL·s-18.79 (8.10–9.54)7.78 (5.63–10.7)0.40
CA,NO ppb1.29 (1.13–1.48)2.31 (1.82–2.93)0.01
J'aw,NO pL·s-11030 (929–1142)959 (632–1454)0.70
  • Data are presented as geometric mean (95% confidence interval), unless otherwise stated. FeNO,0.05: fractional exhaled nitric oxide concentration at a flow rate of 50 mL·s-1; Caw,NO: airway tissue nitric oxide concentration; Daw,NO: airway transfer factor (or diffusing capacity) for nitric oxide; CA,NO: alveolar nitric oxide concentration; J'aw,NO: maximum total airway nitric oxide flux.