Table 2—

Source and specificity of antibodies used for the immunohistochemical staining of mesothelioma sections

AntibodyPresent onSource
BDCA2Plasmacytoid DCsMiltenyi Biotech
BMK-13Resting and activated eosinophilsMonosan/Sanbio
CD3pan-T lymphocytesDAKO
CD4T-helper/inducer lymphocytes, monocytesDAKO
CD8T-suppressor/cytotoxic lymphocytesDAKO
CD11cMonocytes, granulocytes, NK cells, macrophages, DCBD Biosciences
CD14Monocytes (macrophages/granulocytes)DAKO
CD15Neutrophils (monocytes)DAKO
CD16NK cells, neutrophils and basophilsDAKO
CD24B-cells, neutrophils, DCsDAKO
CD25Activated T-cells and, at a lower density, activated B-cellsDAKO
CD31Blood vessels and microvesselsDAKO
CD68Macrophages (antigen-presenting cells)DAKO
CD209Monocyte-derived DCs (DC-specific ICAM-3-grabbing nonintegrin)R&D Systems
ChymaseMast cellsChemicon
Foxp3Regulatory T-cellseBioscience
HBME1Mesothelial cellsDAKO
HLA DR DQ DPMHC class II-expressing cellsDAKO
RCK108Normal and malignant epithelial cellsDAKO
  • DC: dendritic cell; NK: natural killer; ICAM: intercellular adhesion molecule; MHC: major histocompatibility complex. The location details of each manufacturer are as follows. Miltenyi Biotech: Bergisch Gladback, Germany; Monosan/Sanbio: Uden, the Netherlands; DAKO: Glostrup, Denmark; BD Biosciences: San Jose, CA, USA; R&D Systems: Minneapolis, MN, USA; Chemicon: Temecula, CA, USA; eBioscience: San Diego, CA, USA.