Table 3—

Signs and symptoms in patients with lower respiratory infection

Patient IDVirus identified (method)SymptomsSignsDecline in FEV1 ≥10%Chest radiograph infiltrateLung biopsy
VU15#PIVStuffy noseRR 24 bpmNoYesYes
(Culture/PCR)Hoarseness98.9 F
dyspnoeaRales present
VU38IA/RSVAStuffy noseRR 24 bpmYesNoNP
(PCR)Hoarseness98.6 F
VU49IAStuffy noseRR 28 bpmNoNoNP
(Culture/PCR)Sneezing98.7 F
VU2#RSVBStuffy noseRR 32 bpmNoNoNP
(Culture/PCRAntigen/Serol)Runny nose dyspnoea102.5 F Rales present
CoughRhonchi present
Pleuritic chest pain
  • ID: identification; FEV1: forced expiratory volume in one second; PIV: parainfluenza virus; RR: respiratory rate breaths·min−1; bpm: beats per minute; F: fahrenheit; IA: influenza A; RSVA: respiratory syncytial virus A; NP: not performed; RSVB: respiratory syncytial virus B; Serol: serology. #: two patients who required hospitalisation and were treated with inhaled ribavirin.