Table 3—

Use of healthcare resources# (rate per year) during the follow-up

Follow-up time days
Nurse home visits within the programme
 Barcelona3 (1–10)
Doctor visits
 Barcelona+2 (0–4)2 (1–4)0.437
 Leuven GPs at home10 (7–18)13 (9–27)0.454
Phone calls patient-triggered
 Barcelona2 (0–8)
 Leuven0 (0–0)
Phone calls follow-up intervention
 Barcelona1 (1–3)
 Leuven2 (0–3)
  • Data are presented as n, mean±sd or median (25th percentile–75th percentile). IC: integrated care; UC: usual care; NP: not planned; GP: general practitioner. #: expressed as the number of visits per patient and follow-up time; : all subjects were included until the last day of follow-up or date of exclusion, whichever was first; +: includes unplanned visits to the GP, specialist outside the hospital, pneumologist from the hospital, private doctors, domiciliary visits from the primary care team and visits to the day hospital.