Table 1—

Results of beryllium-lymphocyte proliferation test (BeLPT) in beryllium-exposed and -unexposed individuals

Subjects nExposureBeLPT#Age yrsFemale/male
CBD34 (22/12)++43.9±13.211/23
No exposure, no sensitisation
 Healthy76 (70/6)41.9±16.137/39
 Sarcoidosis31 (29/2)45.9±11.819/12
Beryllium-exposed groups without CBD
 Healthy with sensitisation7 (7;/0)++48.9±12.51/6
 Healthy without sensitisation6 (6/0)+40.2±6.91/5
 Sarcoidosis50 (35/15)+46.5±13.113/37
  • Data are presented as total n (patients in Germany/patients in Israel) and mean±sd. CBD: chronic beryllium disease. +: positive; −: negative. #: results are shown as positive (above individual cut-off) or negative proliferation response in BeLPT, only reproducible positive results were accepted as positive. All patients and controls were free of systemic corticosteroid therapy for at least 6 months prior to testing.