Table 5—

Relative risk(RR) of severe cataracts for the mean daily dose of orally inhaled corticosteroid used in the 4-yr period prior to index date, stratified by use of oral corticosteroids

CasesControlsCrude RRAdjusted# RR (95% CI)
Subjects with no oral CS use
 Subjects n642428682
ICS dose μg·day−1195±355178±3481.181.16 (1.07–1.25)
ICS dose range+ n
  0μg·day−13261156921.01.0 (reference)
  >0–500μg·day−1225493221.191.15 (1.08–1.22)
  >500–1000μg·day−160924791.231.20 (1.09–1.32)
  >1000–1500μg·day−12098311.271.23 (1.05–1.45)
  >1500-2000μg·day−1812871.421.33 (1.03–1.72)
  >2000μg·day−110710.710.66 (0.34–1.29)
Subjects with oral CS use
Subjects n433014334
ICS dose μg·day−1636±550562±5251.331.27 (1.18–1.36)
ICS dose range+ n
  0μg·day−145517621.01.0 (reference)
  >0–500μg·day−1165460521.081.10 (0.97–1.24)
  >500–1000μg·day−1120438371.271.25 (1.10–1.42)
  >1000–1500μg·day−166018421.461.39 (1.20–1.60)
  >1500-2000μg·day−12746451.771.66 (1.38–2.00)
  >2000μg·day−1831961.781.60 (1.20–2.13)
  • Data are presented as mean±sd or absolute values. CI: confidence interval; CS: corticosteroid; ICS: inhaled corticosteroid. #: for all factors in table 1, as well as the cumulative dose of nasal corticosteroids; : per additional 1,000 μg·day−1 ICS (beclomethasone equivalents); +: among controls in category in beclomethasone equivalents.