Table 4—

Relative risk(RR) of any cataract for the mean daily dose of orally inhaled corticosteroid dispensed in 4-yr period prior to the index date, stratified by use of oral corticosteroids

CasesControlsCrude RRAdjusted# RR (95% CI)
Subjects with no oral CS use
 Subjects n1719174733
 ICS dose μg·day−1184±347174±3471.111.12 (1.07–1.18)
 ICS dose range+ n
  0μg·day−18968412781.01.0 (reference)
  >0–500μg·day−15988241931.161.13 (1.09–1.17)
  >500–1000μg·day−1146761981.121.13 (1.06–1.20)
  >1000–1500μg·day−153021001.201.21 (1.09–1.33)
  >1500–2000μg·day−12077721.271.28 (1.09–1.50)
  >2000μg·day−1311920.770.78 (0.53–1.14)
Subjects with oral CS use
Subjects n1051736099
ICS dose μg·day−1600±541557±5201.191.20 (1.15–1.26)
ICS dose range+ n
  0μg·day−1120843841.01.0 (reference)
  >0–500μg·day−14211154071.011.03 (0.96–1.11)
  >500–1000μg·day−1287496571.111.15 (1.07–1.25)
  >1000–1500μg·day−1145745681.201.23 (1.12–1.35)
  >1500–2000μg·day−158115981.381.43 (1.27–1.61)
  >2000μg·day−11864851.471.48 (1.23–1.79)
  • Data are presented as mean±sd or absolute values. CI: confidence interval; CS: corticosteroid; ICS: inhaled corticosteroid. #: for all factors in table 1, as well as the cumulative dose of nasal corticosteroids; : per additional 1,000 μg·day−1 ICS (beclomethasone equivalents); +: among controls in category in beclomethasone equivalents.