Table 1—

Characteristics of cases and controls

CasesControlsSevere cases#Controls
Subjects n277081108321075443016
Age yrs77.8±5.2177.8±5.2177.7±5.0677.7±5.06
Female sex54.048.352.847.9
Hospitalised in last 4 yrs70.465.569.865.4
Drug-treated conditions in 4 yrs prior to index date
 Cardiovascular disease59.756.459.356.4
 Rheumatic disease1.
Use of medications possibly associated with cataract risk in 4 yrs prior to index date
 Injectable corticosteroids8.
 Ophthalmic corticosteroids11.27.510.77.5
 Dermatological corticosteroids48.745.446.645.1
 Gold salts0.
 Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs76.
 Major tranquilisers5.
Use of oral corticosteroids in 4 yrs prior to index date
 Any use11.59.540.333.3
 Cumulative dose in all subjects mg904.7±2543.1611.8±1974.91082.8±2859.6642.4±2037.9
 Cumulative dose in users mg2383.6±3676.11878.2±3097.72689.3±3998.91927.9±3160.0
  • Data are presented as mean±sd or percentages. #: requiring cataract extraction within 2 yrs of the diagnosis; : in prednisone equivalents.