Table 3—

Clinical characteristics of patients with sudden-onset respiratory symptoms occurring within 1 month of lung surgery (group B)

First author [ref.]Case No.SurgerySymptomless interval daysShunt causePosture-dependent
Dlabal 301RP7PFO
Vacek 312RL3PFO
Hazard 323RP2PFO
Berry 334LP1PFO+
Saada 345RP1PFO
Landzberg 236RL7PFO+
Godart 357RP2PFO
Alfaifi 368RL7PFO
Godart 379RP2PFONR
Mall 3810RP2PFO+
  • RP: right pneumonectomy; RL: right lobectomy; LP: left pneumonectomy; PFO: patent foramen ovale; NR: not reported; +: posture-dependent dyspnoea; −: posture-independent dyspnoea.