Table 2—

Arterial blood gas levels, haemodynamic data and outcome of patients with sudden-onset respiratory symptoms occurring ≥1 month after lung surgery (group A)

First author [ref.]Pa,O2 mmHgSa,O2 %ra mmHgla mmHgpa mmHgShunt closure methodFollow-up
Schnabel 3NRNRNRNRNRNRNROpen-chest surgeryA; 2 yrs
Winters 44878NRNRNRNRNROpen-chest surgeryA; 1 yr
Wihlm 542NRNRNRNRNRNRNo closureD (ARF); 1 month
Begin 93455NRNR1512NROpen-chest surgeryNR
Wranne 105064NRNR−1NR12No closureA; 21 months
Holtzman 11NR34NRNR3615Open-chest surgeryD (septic shock); 2 days
LaBresh 1236NRNRNR0NR8Open-chest surgeryA; 1 yr
Roos 134047NRNR0NR9Open-chest surgeryA; 8 months
Springer 1444#81#NRNR41013Open-chest surgeryNR
Seward 1571NRNRNR6916Open-chest surgeryA; 8 yrs
4356NRNR1816Open-chest surgeryD (massive CI); 7 days
6272NRNR2720No closureA; 8 months
65NRNRNR61413Open-chest surgeryNR
Franco 16NRNRNRNR5514Open-chest surgeryA; 1 yr
van Rossum 17NRNRNRNR4513Open-chest surgeryA; 2–10 months
NRNRNRNR2214Open-chest surgeryA; 2–10 months
NRNRNRNR328Open-chest surgeryA; 2–10 months
NRNRNRNR3NR11Open-chest surgeryA; 2–10 months
Smeenk 1868.5NR4210Open-chest surgeryA; discharge
Darremont 19839210717Open-chest surgeryA; 1 yr
Buss 2075875NR13Open-chest surgeryA; 5 yrs
Timmermans 2133+57+NRNR4.52.515Open-chest surgeryA; discharge
NRNRNRNR4.53.514Open-chest surgeryA; discharge
Mercho 22NRNR83§92§NRNRNROpen-chest surgeryA; discharge
NRNR47§56§NRNRNROpen-chest surgeryA; discharge
Landzberg 23NRNR70/80987719TranscatheterA; 50 months
NRNR70/80943716TranscatheterA; 44 months
NRNR70/80934422TranscatheterD (tumour progression); 2 months
Arnaud-Crozat 24NRNRNR60/902017Open-chest surgeryA; 2 yrs
Durand 2549NRNRNRNRNRNRNo closureNR
Bakris 26NRNR81995716Open-chest surgeryA; discharge
NRNR75NR11920Open-chest surgeryA; discharge
Vincent 275161NRNRNRNRNRTranscatheterA; 1.5 months
Danner 28NRNR8093NRNRNROpen-chest surgeryA; 7 months
NRNR8392NRNRNROpen-chest surgeryA; discharge
Marini 294374NRNR3311TranscatheterA; 2 yrs
  • Pa,O2: arterial oxygen tension; Sa,O2: arterial oxygen saturation; ra: mean right atrial pressure; la: mean left atrial pressure; pa: mean pulmonary arterial pressure; NR: not reported; A: alive; D: dead; CI: cerebral infarction; ARF: acute respiratory failure. #: breathing 40% oxygen; : follow-up of these patients ranged 2–10 months; +: breathing 3.5 L·min−1 oxygen; §: breathing 100% oxygen. 1 mmHg = 0.133 kPa.