Table 4—

Survival multivariate analysis relative to 30-day mortality for the whole study population#

VariablesHR (95% CI)p-value
 β-Lactams1.02 (0.58–1.81)0.945
 Macrolides0.62 (0.08–4.66)0.6380.268
 Levofloxacin0.26 (0.06–1.12)0.069
 Other combinations1.27 (0.72–2.20)0.421
Suspected aspiration2.79 (1.55–4.99)0.001
Bilateral pneumonia1.98 (1.24–3.17)0.004
PSI score
 IV2.61 (1.25–5.42)0.010
 V3.24 (1.51–6.94)0.0020.010
Shock5.76 (3.41–9.75)<0.001
HIV infection2.06 (1.11–3.83)0.022
Renal failure1.86 (1.11–3.12)0.019
  • HR: hazard ratio; PSI: pneumonia severity index. For the full definition of each variable refer to table 2. #: n = 638 patients; : for those variables with several categories the first column of p-values compares every category of the variable to the reference category. The second column shows the significance of the variable as a whole. HR p-values were calculated using Cox regression models; for further explanations see Methods section.