Table 2—

Changes in health following pulmonary rehabilitation for patients with mild, moderate or severe disease

Subjects nDisease severityp-value
Mild (MRC grade 1/2)Moderate (MRC grade 2/3)Severe (MRC grade 5)
6MWD % pred of normative values517.8±6.510.0±11.35.2±11.90.003
6MWD m5154.7±45.068.0±74.232.6±74.80.002
Quadriceps torque Nms511.6±19.63.1±33.86.5±18.7ns
SGRQ score#51-7.5±10.3-7.0±8.40.7±11.20.03
MIP % pred4811.1±22.92.7±10.31.9±10.5ns
MEP % pred49-0.0±22.710.1±17.911.3±31.5ns
Grip % pred51-0.9±11.43.1±12.3-0.6±19.8ns
  • Data are presented as mean difference±sd between follow-up and baseline. A positive score = improvement, unless otherwise indicated (#: negative score = improvement). p-values represent the significance of disease severity in a generalised linear model with score at follow-up as the dependent variable, disease severity as the independent variable and baseline score as a covariate (nonsignificant (ns) = p>0.05). MRC: Medical Research Council; 6MWD: 6-minute walk distance; SGRQ = St George's Respiratory Questionnaire; MIP: maximal inspiratory pressure; MEP: maximal expiratory pressure; COPDSE: Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Self-Efficacy Scale; LCADL: London Chest Activity of Daily Living Scale.