Table 6—

Area-level socio-economic status (SES) predictors of health status: multiple linear regression analyses with and without individual SES variables

Health outcomes#Subjects nMultiple logistic regression models
Area-level SES onlyArea-level and individual SES
R2Factor 1Factor 2R2Factor 1Factor 2
Asthma or rhinitis
 SF-12 PCS4040.04−2.28±0.53<0.00010.84±0.530.110.22−1.36±0.550.010.79±0.500.12
 Severity of asthma score4040.010.61±0.270.02−0.13±0.270.620.130.21±0.290.46−0.13±0.260.62
 FEV1 % pred2180.03−0.35±1.120.76−3.59±1.170.0020.030.21±1.280.87−2.95±1.240.02
Asthma alone
 SF-12 PCS3410.05−2.28±0.590.00011.16±0.590.050.22−1.40±0.610.021.04±0.560.06
 Severity of asthma score3410.010.63±0.290.03−0.31±±0.300.30−0.33±0.280.24
 FEV1 % pred1860.03−0.44±1.220.72−3.41±1.300.010.04−0.13±1.370.92−2.62±1.370.06
 Asthma QoL score+3400.063.83±0.78<0.0001−0.24±0.780.760.232.58±0.800.001−0.06±0.730.94
  • SF-12 PCS: Short Form-12 Physical Component Scale; FEV1: forced expiratory volume in one second; % pred: % predicted; QoL: quality of life. #: a higher SF-12 PCS equates with a better health status, a higher severity of asthma score and asthma QoL score equate with poorer status; : reported R2 is adjusted to take into account number of predictors in model, models with individual SES include all of the variables listed in table 5; +: one asthma subject with missing data for QoL score.