Table 4—

Correlation of area-level measures of SES with health status measures

Census measuresSF-12 PCS#Severity of asthma score#FEV1 % predQoL score+
Factor 1 variables
 Annual household income median US$0.140.004−−0.170.002
 Income below poverty level %−0.21<0.00010.
 Households receiving SSSI %−0.180.00020.150.0020.010.870.25<0.0001
 Households on public assistance %−0.180.00020.050.350.020.740.21<0.0001
 Home value median US$0.100.05−−0.160.003
 Room occupancy of one person or less %0.100.06−0.030.59−0.050.50−0.150.004
 Managerial occupations %0.150.002−−0.23<0.0001
 Unemployed %−0.160.0020.060.22−
 Some high school or less %−0.150.0030.<0.0001
 Single parent households %−0.23<0.00010.130.01−0.010.890.190.0005
Factor 2 variables
 Owner-occupied homes %0.160.001−0.040.42−0.150.03−0.130.01
 Home construction year median0.090.08−0.040.37−0.140.04−0.010.89
 Population density thousands·mile−2−0.030.590.
  • SES: socio-economic status; SF-12 PCS: Short Form-12 Physical Component Scale; FEV1: forced expiratory volume in one second; % pred: % predicted; QoL: quality of life; SSSI: supplemental social security income. #: n = 404; : n = 218; +: 340.