Table 3—

Census SES variables included in a principal components analysis

Census variables in modelFrequencyFactor weights
Income variables
 Annual household income median US$ (thousands)60±2511–166
 Income below the poverty level %9.6±8.80–65
 Households receiving SSSI %4.3±4.30–28
 Households on public assistance %3.6±4.90–37
Housing variables
 Home values median US$ (thousands)294±19460–1000
 Owner-occupied homes %66±232–98
 Home construction yr median1969±161939–1999
 Room occupancy of one person or less %92±943–100
 Population density thousands·mile−26.4±7.30.001–53
Other variables
 Managerial occupations %40±164–81
 Unemployed %4±30–24
 Some high school or less %16±130–71
 Single parent households %14±90–58
  • Two items were cross-weighted at greater than ±0.40 as follows: factor 1, owner-occupied home, weight = −0.42; and factor 2, median home value, weight = −0.46. SES: socio-economic status; SSSI: supplemental social security income; ↑: positive factor weighting after orthogonal rotation ≥0.66; ↓: negative factor weighting after orthogonal rotation ≤−0.66.