Table 5—

Characteristics of exacerbations in Phase 2

Severe exacerbationsMild exacerbations
Number n (%)18 (22.9)5 (10.6)0.00461 (77.1)42 (89.4)0.08
Symptoms score3.5±0.43.9±0.9NS4.6±1.04.4±0.8NS
Pre BD FEV1 % pred60.5±11.1)63.8±19.4)NS74.7±16.982.0±16.90.03
Occurrence by asthma severity
 Very mild to mild1 (9.1)0NS10 (90.9)13 (100)NS
 Moderate to severe17 (25.0)5 (14.7)NS51 (75.0)29 (85.3)NS
  • Data are presented as mean±sd or n (%), unless otherwise stated. CS: clinical strategy; SS: sputum strategy; Pre-BD FEV1 % pred: forced expiratory volume in one second expressed as per cent predicted before administrating bronchodilator (salbutamol).