Table 3—

Additional criteria for admission decision in patients with CURB-65 (Confusion, Urea, Respiratory rate, Blood pressure, and age ≥65 yrs) scores of 0, 1, and 2

CriteriaCURB-65 scoreTotalp-value
Outpatients and inpatients
 Patients n6293774741480
 Coexisting disease3.522.834.218.2<0.001
Pa,O2 <60 mmHg7.528.742.424.1<0.001
 pH <7.351.<0.01
 Bilateral or multilobe radiographic involvement9.<0.001
 Pleural effusion68.2118.20.01
 One of previous criteria18.135.539.529.4<0.001
 Two or more criteria4.61832.917.1<0.001
 Patients n153247406806
 Coexisting disease9.23036.229.2<0.001
Pa,O2 <60 mmHg22.240.147.840.6<0.001
 pH <7.353.<0.01
 Bilateral or multilobe radiographic involvement26.119.423.9230.25
 Pleural effusion17.79.711.812.30.06
 One of previous criteria43.142.541.141.90.89
 Two or more criteria16.326.337.430<0.001
  • Data are given as % unless otherwise indicated. Pa,O2: arterial oxygen tension. kPa = mmHg × 0.133.