Table 3—

Characteristics at maintenance visit according to asthma severity

Very mild to mildModerate to severe
Clinical parameters
 Subjects n15163734
 Symptoms score6.0±0.85.8±0.95.8±0.96.3±0.8
 Pre BD FEV195.0±12.290.0±11.676.2 ±15.7*79.0±16.2*
Asthma treatment
 On inhaled steroid73.381.2100*100*
 On LABA13.312.550.0*47.1*
 On antileukotriene6.708.117.6
 On prednisone0002.9
 Other asthma medication005.42.9
 On nasal steroid20.025.040.532.4
Induced sputum
 Total cell count ×106·g−1#3.0 (0.5–7.0)3.9 (0.9–23.8)4.3 (0.6–62.5)3.1 (0.4–22.7)
 Neutrophils#37.0 (4.0–72.0)52.0 (5.0–94.5)37.0 (5.0–94.5)40.0 (2.0–96.8)
 Eosinophils#3.0 (0–44.0)1.0 (0–4.0)0.7 (0–53.0)0.6 (0–2.0)
 Eosinophilia ≥3%53.36.733.3**0**
  • Data are presented as mean±sd (for continuous variables) or % (for dichotomous variables), unless otherwise specified. CS: clinical stategy; SS: sputum strategy; Pre: before use; BD: bronchodilator (salbutamol); FEV1: forced expiratory volume in one second; LABA: long acting β2-agonist; #: data presented as median (minimum–maximum); *: p-value <0.05 within strategy between severity groups; **: p-value <0.01 within strategy between severity groups.