Table 3—

Initial systolic blood pressure(SBPi) and pulse interval (PIi) at the beginning of sequences and their changes during sequences (ΔSBP, ΔPI) during wakefulness and sleep under no treatment and during acute application of continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP)

SBPi mmHgp-valueΔSBP mmHgp-valuePIi msp-valueΔ PI msp-value
No treatmentAcute CPAPNo treatmentAcute CPAPNo treatmentAcute CPAPNo treatmentAcute CPAP
 Nocturnal wakefulness128.7±14.2130.5±18.0ns14.7±2.611.8±3.6<0.05713±88771±123<0.0592±3991±36ns
 NREM stage 2129.5±17.9128.6±20.3ns15.3±2.611.5±2.9<0.005731±97807±137<0.01100±3786±32ns
 Nocturnal wakefulness140.0±11.4#140.7±19.6ns16.4±3.611.1±5.5<0.05830±105852±99ns80±3377±40ns
 NREM stage 2141.3±13.6133.3±19.5ns16.7±4.110.7±2.9<0.0005885±128909±154ns92±3680±38ns
  • p-values: results of paired t-test applied to no treatment and acute CPAP data in the preceding two columns. NREM: nonrapid eye movement; REM: rapid eye movement. #: wakefulness significantly different from NREM stage 2 and REM sleep (differences among sleep stages tested by ANOVA in each group).