Table 1—

Estimated chronic obstructive pulmonary disease deaths and disability-adjusted life yrs (DALYs) by World Health Organization (WHO) region, 2002

RegionDeaths thousandsDALYs thousands% of regional total DALYs
AFR A525140.3
AFR E656680.3
AMR A14117433.7
AMR B9014191.7
AMR D101951.1
SEAR B10014202.3
SEAR D55667401.9
EUR A14017443.4
EUR B456731.8
EUR C7610361.7
EMR B153491.5
EMR D809890.9
WPR A214152.5
WPR B135498204.0
  • A: very low child and adult mortality; B: low child and adult mortality; C: low child mortality and high adult mortality; D: high child and adult mortality; E: high child mortality and very high adult mortality; AFR: Africa; AMR: Americas; SEAR: South-East Asia; EUR: Europe; EMR: Eastern Mediterranean; WPR: Western Pacific. The mortality strata (A–E) were used to distinguish groupings of countries likely to be at a similar level of health development among the member states of the WHO regions. Adapted from 7.