Table 3—

Power law regression equations for computed tomography estimated airway and arterial areasversus subject height

Y variable#Subjects nSexABCorrelation R2p-value
Lumen area cm2
 First branch after RAB29Both3×10−61.690.75<0.001
 Second branch after RAB25Both5×10−71.940.77<0.001
Wall area cm2
 First branch after RAB29Both0.00051.130.83<0.001
 Second branch after RAB25Both5×10−51.410.85<0.001
Arterial area cm2
 First branch after RAB30Both5.6×10−51.530.73<0.001
 Second branch after RAB46Both1.9×10−51.620.77<0.001
 Third branch after RAB47Both4.5×10−61.780.86<0.001
  • Y: the airway or artery variable (lumen, wall or artery area); A: the Y intercept; B: the slope (power law exponent) of the regression; RBI: right bronchus intermedius; RAB: right apical bronchus. #: Y = A × subject height in cm.