Table 1—

Indications for computed tomography(CT) scan and CT scan findings

Reason for CT scan or diagnosisCT findingsSubjects n
Extra pulmonary tumourNo metastasis15
Solitary noduleNo change in number and size2
Mitochondrial diseaseNormal CT1
Langerhans cell histiocytosisNormal CT1
TracheomalaciaMild malacia of the trachea1
Vascular ring suspectedNo vascular ring2
CystSmall cyst2
Pulmonary haemorrhageSmall area with haemorrhage2
Recovered pneumothoraxNo blebs3
Upper gastrointestinal tract disorderNormal CT3
Lupus-like syndromeNormal CT1
Recurrent sinusitisNormal CT3
Meckel diverticulumNormal CT1
Foreign body suspectedNo foreign body3
Sternal cleftNormal lungs1
Cystic fibrosis <1 yr of ageNormal CT8
HaemangiomaSmall haemangioma1
  • Of the 50 CT scans, 19 have been previously reported 28. In that report, airway wall and lumen and arterial dimensions were measured using a different measurement programme and, in that study, the normal dimensions were compared with cystic fibrosis patients.