Table. 3—

Logistic regression analysis of factors associated with severe compared with mild-to-moderate asthma

Odds ratio (95% CI)#Significance
Vitamin C µM0.934 (0.898–0.972)p = 0.001
Socioeconomic status0.282 (0.107–0.743)p = 0.01
Bilirubin µM0.691 (0.514–0.929)p = 0.014
Total cholesterol mM1.975 (1.045–3.732)p = 0.036
  • CI: confidence interval. #: indicates change in risk per unit of antioxidant or category of socioeconomic status. The backward stepwise logistic regression analysis included the following covariates in the model: age, sex, body mass index, socioeconomic status (1 = low, 2 = middle and 3 = high, based on the patient's residential postcode), atopic and smoking status, vitamin supplement use and the plasma concentrations of all antioxidants and cholesterol.