Table. 2—

Comparison of the patients admitted and not admitted to the intensive care unit according to the admission characteristics

CharacteristicsAdmittedNot admittedp-value
Subjects n45160
Age yrs63.7±11.065.2±8.6ns
Sex female/male2/1523/165ns
Duration of disease yrs11.6±9.09.9±8.2ns
Time elapsed since first hospitalisation yrs5.6±6.15.2±6.3ns
Smoking status yes/ex/never18/22/577/61/22ns
Smoke load pack-yrs50.4±27.748±31.7ns
Duration hospital stay days11.5±6.911.6±4.9ns
Albumin g·dL−13.3±0.63.4±0.8ns
FVC % predicted57.0±18.864.5±21.60.047
FEV1 % predicted35.3±11.339.1±13.6ns
Pa,O2 mmHg42.0±9.249.5±13.40.001
Pa,CO2 mmHg52.1±9.847.9±13.10.025
BMI kg·m−221.5±3.523.5±5.0ns
Ppa mmHg48.1±8.049.2±8.1ns
Long-term oxygen treatment1542ns
Comorbidity index1.61±0.91.58±0.8ns
Patients with medical insurance %9696ns
Married or living with relatives %9194ns
  • Data presented as mean±sd, n or %, unless otherwise stated. FVC: forced vital capacity; FEV1: forced expiratory volume in one second; Pa,O2: arterial oxygen tension; Pa,CO2: carbon dioxide arterial tension; Sa,O2: arterial oxygen saturation; BMI: body mass index; Ppa: systolic pulmonary artery pressure; ns: not significant. kPa = mmHg×0.133.