Table. 1—

General characteristics of all patients at the time of admission, compared with the patients who died at the hospital and those discharged from the hospital

CharacteristicsAll patientsAlive casesPatients who died at the hospitalp-value
Subjects n20518817
Age yrs64.8±9.364.8±9.364.9±9.4ns
Sex female/male25/18023/1652/15ns
Duration of disease yrs10.3±8.410.1±8.411.8±8.8ns
Time elapsed since first hospitalisation yrs5.3±6.25.3±6.35.3±5.2ns
Smoking status yes/ex/never95/83/2788/75/257/8/2ns
Smoke load pack-yrs48.6±30.847.4±29.461.1±41.2ns
Duration hospital stay days11.6±5.511.4±4.314.2±12.10.042
Albumin g·dL−13.4±0.83.4±0.83.5±0.5ns
FVC % predicted62.7±21.262.8±20.762.1±26.9ns
FEV1 % predicted38.2±13.238.6±13.434.5±10.4ns
Pa,O2 mmHg47.6±12.948.3±13.140.7±7.70.019
Pa,CO2 mmHg48.9±12.548.2±12.855.6±5.60.019
BMI kg·m−223.1±4.823.2±4.920.6±2.3ns
Ppa mmHg48.9±8.149.1±8.048.1±9.7ns
Long-term oxygen treatment57507ns
Comorbidity index1.59±0.81.59±0.81.61±0.9ns
Patients with medical insurance969694ns
Married or living with relatives939394ns
  • Data presented as mean±sd, n or %, unless otherwise stated. FVC: forced vital capacity; FEV1: forced expiratory volume in one second; Pa,O2; arterial oxygen tension; Pa,CO2: carbon dioxide arterial tension; Sa,O2: arterial oxygen saturation; BMI: body mass index; Ppa: systolic pulmonary artery pressure; ns: not significant.