Table. 3—

Pulmonary vascular remodelling

Larger pulmonary arteries >50 µm
 Outer vessel diameter106.8±5.6100.7±9.2106.1±6.5140.0±4.7*
 Inner vessel diameter88.0±5.375.3±7.578.0±7.3110.2±4.1*
 Medial wall thickness9.4±0.512.7±2.114.0±2.1*14.9±0.7*
 Wall:lumen ratio0.12±0.010.20±0.040.24±0.07*0.15±0.01
 Arteries n20±2.024±4.038±6.048±4.0*
Smaller pulmonary vessels <50 µm
 Outer diameter32.3±0.734.3±1.532.5±1.031.5±0.6
 Luminal diameter31.5±0.732.4±1.726.3±1.1*25.7±0.6*
 Total wall thickness0.38±0.100.97±0.213.09±0.28*2.89±0.23*
 Luminal occlusion %3.7±0.88.8±2.030.9±2.6*29.8±2.0*
  Vessel totally muscularised %7.0±1.912.6±3.632.8±8.4*24.0±2.8*
  Vessel partially muscularised %0.9±0.50.9±0.53.4±1.65.0±0.9*
  • Data are presented as mean μm±sem. CON: healthy control animals; AV: animals with increased pulmonary blood flow due to an aortocaval shunt; MC: animals with increased pulmonary arterial pressure due to monocrotaline injections; MC+AV: animals with both increased pulmonary arterial pressure and increased pulmonary blood flow, receiving both monocrotaline and an aortocaval shunt. *: p<0.05 versus controls.