Table. 1—

Animal characteristics

Animals with excessive thorax fluid >12 mLAnimals that determined moment of sacrificeBody weight at sacrifice
CON0/11 (0)0/6 (0)409±7
AV0/6 (0)0/6 (0)429±24
MC3/8 (37.5)1/6 (16)360±6*
MC+AV10/11 (91)5/6 (83)339±9*
  • Data are presented as mean±sem or n/n (%). CON: healthy control animals; AV: animals with increased pulmonary blood flow due to an aortocaval shunt; MC: animals with increased pulmonary arterial pressure due to monocrotaline injections; MC+AV: animals with both increased pulmonary arterial pressure and increased pulmonary blood flow, receiving both monocrotaline and an aortocaval shunt. *: p<0.05 versus control animals. For the number of animals that determined the moment of sacrifice, only the first six animals from each group are shown, since the higher numbers did not have a matched control in all other groups.