Table. 1—

Attributes and levels included in the discrete choice model

Treatment attributeLevels
Impact on everyday lifeLittle impact on household activities and able to go for a short walk
Able to wash, dress and move around the house, but not able to walk outside
Able to wash and dress, but little else; walking almost impossible
Stay in bed and not able to do anything for myself
Medical careNo need to see a doctor
Need to see a doctor
Admitted to hospital
Number of future attacksFewer attacks in the future
No change in the number of future attacks
More attacks in the future
 BreathlessnessNo worse than usual
 Cough and phlegm/spitWorse than usual
 Social impactMuch worse than usual
 Sleep disturbance
 Impact on mood
Speed of recovery<1 week
2 weeks
≥3 weeks