Table. 1—

Subject characteristics at study entry#

 Male/female n7/13
 Age yrs65±2
 Height cm164±2
 Weight kg70.5±4.0
 Body mass index kg·m−226.2±1.5
 Outpatients/hospitalised n13/7
Smoking History
 Cigarette use pack-yrs54±6
 Current smokers n45
 Increased dyspnoea100
 Increased cough80
 Increased sputum production70
 Change in sputum colour65
 CRQ dyspnoea domain score2.4±0.3
 Modified MRC dyspnoea score3.0±0.2
 Dyspnoea intensity at rest Borg scale2.9±0.3 “moderate”
 Baseline dyspnoea index focal score3.9±0.4
Medication use
 Pre-exacerbation “baseline”
  Bronchodilators (long and short acting)100
  Inhaled corticosteroids70
  Systemic corticosteroids0
  Oxygen therapy5
 During exacerbation
  New or increased bronchodilators100
  New or increased inhaled corticosteroids15
  New or increased systemic corticosteroids60
  New or increased oxygen therapy5
  • Data are presented as mean±sem or % of patients unless otherwise stated. CRQ: Chronic Respiratory Disease Questionnaire; MRC: Medical Research Council. #: n = 20.